The year has started and God is already doing great things!

How is your faith? Are you understanding the importance of having faith in God?  This world is temporary and if our faith is in this world we are on shaky ground.  Make Jesus your refuge, your fortress – He is a safe place and being God He is all knowing and can lead you through the obstacles of life, saving you much harm.

So this year be listening for the voice of Holy Spirit as He leads and guides you.
Be leaning on Jesus to save you in EVERY situation.
Worship the Father, knowing His love for you is unconditional, His desire for you is that you prosper and His plan for you is good.

Walk in the light, Jesus is the Light.  The world walk in darkness and don’t know what is causing them to stumble.

2015 is going to be an incredible year of miracles, God’s Presence and a year to give God first priority in your life, family, finances and friendships.

Blessings, Yael