In June 2018, the youth and young adults got together to work on producing a talent show that we can take wherever the Lord would lead us.
Our goal is fourfold: 
It’s to find the natural and spiritual gift inside each one of us that would spark us into becoming more of who we truly are. More generous, more vibrant and friendly and more like Christ. 
It’s to inspire other believers, youth groups and churches to realise that they can make a difference, even if they think theyre small. 
Its to encourage unity in the Body of Christ by combining with other groups to go and be a blessing to another church or a school or hospital or home, wherever doors are opened to us to present our show, and encourage them  to do likewise.
And finally, its to introduce everyone we come in contact with to God and His love and the eternal and abundant life that weve found in Jesus Christ.
We all have talents and not every gift and talent Is something you do on stage. There are intercessors whose main gift is to pray for others and then there are support people who may not be in the limelight, and most times prefer it that way, who are so important when it comes to getting the job done and making a success of the whole experience.
Although it started with the youth, weve opened our doors to all ages because there is so much treasure in believers that has been buried for years, and we want to uncover that treasure and use it to reveal God to the world.
Breakaway meets every second Friday evening at H2O for fellowship and training and rehearsals and our goal is to take the show out about seven or eight times per year.

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