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Your Daddy Loves You!


So many believers are under the impression that God is watching out for them to make a mistake so that they can be disqualified from His love and blessing. The absolute opposite is the truth. The Lord paid a terrible price for His children to live in His love and enjoy His acceptance and favour […]

God’s Key to Winning Your World!

We have a treasure inside of us that money just can’t buy. We have life, and that more abundant, we have purpose and destiny and a Friend that will be with us no matter what. We have God’s promise of eternal life. With all of that, it really doesn’t make sense that there are people […]

You Are God’s Vociferous Plan!

When God created you, He was making a bold statement. He revealed His greatness, His courage, His power, His love and all He is in you! You are amazing! You were born for such a time as this! Be all God made you to be! You don’t have to try doing it in your own […]