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The Cry for Revival


God is releasing supernatural courage in the earth today.  Listen in and discover how you can receive courage and be part of the end time revival in the earth.

Preachathon – Leanne & Debby

Debby Vicent (Making Room for Forgiveness): Each of us walk a road in life that brings wounding to our soul. Our responsibility is to make room for forgiveness allowing us to get wholeness in. Leanne Merchak (Will You Show Up): God will not disqualify you from your destiny, only we can do that.  The question […]

It’s Yours!

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After much oppression from the Egyptians, the Israelites were delivered. God’s way of protecting them from the angel of death was by using the death and blood of a spotless lamb. His way has not changed. God has sent His spotless Lamb into the world to set us free from oppression and death. As we […]

Let My People Go!

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For many, life seems dark and bleak and you may feel caged in and afraid, but God sent His Son to set you free from death, despair and darkness. The secret is to believe it and receive it. You can’t enjoy riches you don’t know you have. Find out what the Lord has done for […]