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Watch Your Words!


As we look at the lives the Hebrews on their way to the Promised Land, we can see how not to approach God, even if you are God’s chosen people, on the other hand, if you listen to Jesus, He will teach you how to approach God in a way that pleases Him and enables […]

You’ve Got It!


Gideon was experiencing defeat, dejection and distress. His life had shown no power or greatness, but suddenly it was God’s time for him and everything changed. He became a mighty man of valour as He allowed the Lord to use him. Today, it’s our turn. We may have experienced lack and even hopelessness, but God’s […]

God’s Love Comes With Power!

As we looked at the meeting between David and Samuel, we saw that God honours those who honour Him and even the wisest people can make mistakes. We also saw it doesn’t matter who rejected you or how little people loved or thought of you, you were chosen by God, and when you received Jesus, […]

Established New Beginnings


God is establishing His church and there is much God is going to do to usher in the new. We can look at the natural and even say oh what’s new, what’s different, what is there to get excited about, or we can go into this year looking for new, looking for opportunities to get […]

Golden Nuggets to Help You Prosper by Leanne Merchak


This is going to be 2016 the Great year of whatever you need it to be.  God wants you to be prosperous in every area of your life and He has very specific principles by which His Kingdom operates, sowing and reaping is one that will always remain as long as there is day and […]