Messages from February 2016

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Catch the Fire!

Have you felt like life is just getting really hard? Even the things you enjoyed before feel like there’s no life in them. Perhaps you really want to make a difference, but you feel you have nothing to offer. God has a solution for you. Find out how God can renew your spark and reignite […]

You’re More Than That!

God loves you and believes in you and created you to be a history maker! But you need to believe it and act on it in order to be a world changer. Today’s message helps us realize our potential by looking at some of the lives of people who broke out of the mould and […]

Golden Nuggets to Help You Prosper by Irma Simpson


To honour means to respect, admire, treat with high regard. Without honour there is no enjoyment of God or the people that God has entrusted to us. My mom has laid her life down for her family. I love and honour her. How much more has Jesus done for us. I should honour Him in […]

Loved to Love!

God loves you eternally and unconditionally, but despite that, there are conditions to enjoy living and abiding in His love. Discover how you can live in a perpetual state of confidence and fearlessness as you live in His love. Your destiny awaits you!