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Why Are So Many So Angry?


Over 21 years of ministry I have learned that there are seasons, cycles, highs, lows, and the world around us is growing darker and darker therefore it is time for the church to rise and shine, to be faithful, to be connected, to be in relationship with God first and with each other. Why are […]

Be a Person of Honour!

People are looking for good breaks and more favour, and despite what the situation may look like, they are out there. But many don’t find it because their paradigm doesn’t allow them the vision they need to grab hold of the blessings. Find out how you can change the filter you’re looking through so that […]

Get the Power!

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed and desperate for some kind of respite from the stress and strain that seems to be piling on? Have the pressures of life drained you of power? I believe God wants you to enjoy an abundant life soaring over mountains of defeat, and He has made a plan for […]

It’s Your Time!


Have you stopped hoping or believing that God could or would do anything with you because it felt like He just wasn’t listening to you? Has it crossed your mind that the reason nothing was happening was simply because it wasn’t your time yet? I think that is very possibly the situation, and I also […]