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Know Him and Make Him Known!

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Many believers would love to change the world, leaving an imprint and a legacy that will go beyond their lives. Others may be so busy surviving that they just want to keep their heads above water, and then there are those who are riding the wave of favour and blessing, realizing it’s not that easy […]

Be Still and Know that I Am God!

Life can be overwhelming and our problems can cause us to shrink away in fear. Your life may feel like you’re on a nightmare train going from panic station to panic station, but God has a plan for you to win if you’ll do it His way. Find out how you can take steps to […]

Golden Nuggets to Help You Prosper by Leanne Merchak


Don’t grow weary in doing right, for in due time and at the appointed season you shall reap.  Your harvest on seeds sown will not be immediate but you will reap a harvest as God promises, it is your responsibility to reap the harvest and  you do that by speaking the word.  Death and life […]