Messages from December 2016

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We’re on a Mission


Many believers are frustrated, confused, bored, discontent and really questioning how God can call this life an abundant life. If this is your life, then in this message, discover how you will not only find your way into a better life, but also learn how your life can make a quantum difference to others.

Roles Mixed Up?


Do we understand God? Do we know His nature? Why are relationships so important as New Testament Believers Listen in as we learn how Jesus always answers not with Old Testament judgement but with New Testament grace…..

Expect the Best!


The rebirth of Israel is an absolute miracle, and along with it, the making of a nation that consisted largely of desert sand into a garden of Eden, is equally supernatural and a sign and a wonder that glorifies God. But despite it being a gift from God that no man can dispute, it hasn’t […]