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Golden Nuggets to Help You Prosper by Philippe Yeung Wai


Do you have a heart like David? Are you neglecting God’s temple as those who says “the time has not come to build” and experience God’s rebuke (Haggai 1:4-9) or will you have a heart like David (2 Sam 7:2-4 , 11) and experience God’s promise: “Because you want to build me a house, I will […]

Rui and Debby Vicent

Rui Vicent – finding peace in God’s rest In times of anxiety and doubt, which are all natural, it’s important we focus on God and His provision. His faithfulness will bring about a supernatural change Debby Vicent – forgiving your offender As believers we are called to walk as Christ walked. Looking at what Jesus […]

Who Am I? by Leanne Merchak


Many of us have at one time or another asked ourselves the question ‘Who Am I?’ Finding the correct answer to this question and believing it will set you up to walk in the blessings and authority God has ordained for you to walk in. So let’s embark on this journey of discovery and answer […]

Pass The Test [Expect Increase Part 1]


There’s no doubt that God wants us to expect increase, but with increase, we don’t only experience greater blessing and more rewards, we also have to face new trials. In order to go to the next level, we need to pass the tests that come with where we are. Find out how you can be […]