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All You Need Is Love [Go and Play Part 4]


With the world in the precarious position it’s in, with political, geophysical, financial, emotional, spiritual and general upheaval, we need something that’s going to give us security and a sense of stability. God provided just the right thing and it’s free for anyone who wants it. In this message, you can find out some of the […]

Take Off Your Sandals – Pastor Munya


If you feel like you’re at the end of your tether or you just need more of what God has for you, listen to this wonderfully humorous and exceptionally anointed and powerful message which will build your faith and place you in line for a miracle.

Bite the Bullet! [Go and Play Part 2]


You were made for greatness and created to be a hero, but you will still have to face trials and opposition on your way to your destiny. In this message, you’ll discover a key to ensure that you succeed in completing your life mission and be the hero you were destined to become.