Messages from January 2018

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Life Is Great In The Fast Lane


Did you know that God is the Creator of Space Time Science and Sci-Fi? Find out how God broke through from Heaven and used wormholes in space-time to reveal His will to His chosen people and find out how we can create wormholes to penetrate Heaven from earth.

New Year’s Eve Service

2018 is a year of new beginnings and open doors and that means growth. In this message you’ll be challenged to think bigger than you have in the past in order to enjoy all God has in store for you.

Miracle Testimony


Christmas is a wonderful time to hear about God’s miracles. Adam Ledger shares how God changed his life through a miracle.


Powerful messages from team: Examine your heart, where you have come from and where you are going – Helen Li Wan Po Testimony of God’s protection and healing power – Rui Vicent God’s creational, seasonal and miracle time – Debby Vicent Entering the Holy of Holies, God is our refuge ad strength – Patrick Li […]