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Dear Younger Me Part 2

Message: Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude  In today’s message, you’ll learn one of the keys to living a life of influence. This one truth can renew your youth, help you succeed in every area of your life and enable you to be prosperous in whatever you put your hand to

Dear Younger Me Part 1

Don’t you ever wish that someone would have spent more time with you to help you make the right choices and tell you some of the pitfalls life has to offer, and how to overcome them? Discover truths in this message that will help you jump over the walls of adversity that life is throwing […]

Look Up


Psalm 121 helps us understand that God keeps and preserves His people always, listen in as we study the whole of Psalm 121….


Dylan:                    Self-Righteousness We can choose to be justified by faith, or be condemned by our own self-righteousness Gabby:                   Encouragement  – The Key to Finishing Victoriously It is important that the body of Christ be united in love […]

I Have a Plan Part 2

Message: Nothing’s Gonna Stop You Now! Do you feel like you’re at the end of your rope? Discover in this message how to cope when you’re in a storm, and get to the other side even when you feel like God is nowhere to be found.

Victory Through the Living Jesus

For those of us struggling with challenges believe that there is hope.  We have victory through the living Jesus Recognise the source of opposition Be sure God’s promises cover what you are asking victory for Be sure that you are not living in sin Never doubt that God’s promises are true Sincerely desire what you have […]

I Have a Plan

God has a blueprint or recipe for your life and not every ingredient on its own is pleasant, but put together, it produces something beautiful and if you allow Him to take you through the process, your end result is greatness.