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There Is A Cure


Message:  Do you find yourself in places where your ability go deeper with God seems blocked? I know that there can be simple reasons. However, today I want you to consider a much-overlooked reason – something we don’t even realise – It’s when we are Double Minded

Living Purpose on Purpose Part 5


Message: You’re The Light of the World! Every believer should be a leader. As a light, you should be an example lighting up the way for others to find life and God. Are you shining your light? Are you working while it is day because the time may come in our lifetime when we’ll be prosecuted […]

Ché Ahn, Apostle of HIM


Apostle Ché Ahn shares a dynamic message on the characteristics of historic revival: it starts with the church then the harvest comes in and then transformation happens The “What is eternal” question was answered…… To end off we learned about the 5 characteristics of a healthy community, listen in for the full message

Living Purpose on Purpose Part 4


Message:  It’s Your Call! Discover another principle needed to take your life from mediocrity to greatness in God’s eyes, and find the one thing that could be the game changer for you to live in continuous success and victory.

Living Purpose on Purpose Part 3


Message: Keep the End in Mind But Focus on the Now!   Summary: Don’t let your vision die, but at the same time, don’t let your end goal blindfold you from focusing on what’s important today. Too many people wait until it’s almost too late before they do what they knew was necessary long before the due […]