Messages from July 2019

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To Everything There Is A Season

Apostle David McDonald brought a “now word” about staying in the process, being committed to the cause and vision of the house so purpose becomes a reality especially as we don’t struggle with the restrictions of the season

Gill Kretzschmar and David Perry

Gill Kretzschmar:  Fighting the good fight of faith.  My healing journey from a cancer diagnosis. God’s peace removes all fear, Jesus is the calm in my storm. David Perry:  Turning yourself from an ordinary performer to an extraordinary achiever Five keys from the life of Jesus Meaning – Why did Jesus do what He did? – […]

Rui Vicent and Leanne Merchak

Title: Are we “Moved” or “Unmoved”? – Rui Vicent Summary: Obedience is the key to unlock the anointing and move of the Holy Spirit Title: The A,B,C’s of Life – Leanne Merck Summary: It’s time to get back to basics and learn your A, B, C’s: A.  Love God B. Love People C. Apply Grace to […]

More Is Coming and Be Still!

More Is Coming – Dylan Le Roux A natural pregnancy comes with its share of pains, a spiritual one can too.  Your spiritual pains could be a sign of a coming blessing. Be Still – Trevor Berry Many believers are living a life of real but unnecessary panic and fear. Find out in this message how […]