Messages from September 2019

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Daniela De Oliveira and Leanne Merchak

Title:  Embracing the Valley – Daniela De Oliveira Summary:  Embracing life’s valleys can propel your growth and shape the person that you are called to be.  Taking hold of the difficulties in the valley will make summiting life’s mountains easier and lead you into your destiny. Title:  Drafted, Dressed, Dispatched – Leanne Merchak Summary:  As […]

Gabi Le Roux and Trevor Berry

Message: Freely You Have Received, Freely Give! – Trevor Berry Summary:  Many believers want to help others but feel helpless because they don’t feel they have enough for themselves, never mind giving to others. But what if they discover that there are hidden treasures that could absolutely change people’s lives, that they’ve not tapped into because they […]