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Make Your Mark! [Expect Increase Part 8]

Everyone of us was created to be great, and greatness does not necessarily make you famous, but it certainly will give you influence. It can be measured by the legacy we leave and by the mark we make in people’s lives while we inhabit the earth. In this message, we give you keys to reach your potential and […]

Don’t Give Up! [Expect Increase Part 7]


Many of us are being faced with what seems like mountainous challenges in our lives. I’ve discovered that we may not be fighting a war against an enemy with physical weapons, but we’re definitely in a war, and it’s taking place in our minds. What are you struggling with? Your marriage or a relationship you’re in, or is […]

Make the Most of It [Expect Increase Part 6]

Lack is never fun, but with the right attitude, it can set you up for great come backs. Deficiency in certain areas help us to be grateful and appreciative and kind and compassionate. Be like the people who win in life! They are generally people who don’t take everything for granted, but rather take life by the horns […]

Trust in the Lord [Expect Increase Part 5]

Life can seem so unfair at times, especially if you don’t understand seasons! In today’s message we are encouraged to trust in the Lord because He knows the end from the beginning and He has a plan for you to experience growth and increase, but if you can’t trust Him, you won’t obey Him when it counts the most.

Breakthrough [Expect Increase Part 4]


God wants us to experience increase and this Easter, we remember the two greatest events in history that brought supernatural increase. Through the death and resurrection of Jesus, the church was born and despite terrible persecution through the ages, it has increased to become an innumerable group of Jesus followers. It also commemorates the day Life conquered death in […]

It’s True! [Expect Increase Part 3]


God wants to do something out of the ordinary. No, let’s take that back. He doesn’t just want to do it, He’s going to do it!! We’re going to see a new church flooding with possibilities and overflowing with life and love and fun! God’s people are in for serious blessing! The tsunami of God’s goodness is […]

Change Your Thinking [Expect Increase Part 2]


With so much of the world in the mess that it’s in, it’s time for the Body of Christ to realize that we are in this world, but we’re not of it. We are children of God, ambassadors, who are here on a divine mission. But if we’re going to be of any use and if we want […]

Pass The Test [Expect Increase Part 1]


There’s no doubt that God wants us to expect increase, but with increase, we don’t only experience greater blessing and more rewards, we also have to face new trials. In order to go to the next level, we need to pass the tests that come with where we are. Find out how you can be […]