Non Series Messages

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Artistry is Excellence!


Summary: Matt shared how important our attitude and faith is in the marketplace. To rise higher in whatever we do, we need to have an attitude of excellence in whatever we do and remember to keep the Lord in the forefront of our lives.

A Love You Can Trust


Summary: In this message we discover that despite the pressures of the world and the unfaithfulness of so many, we have a God who is on our side and He loves us with the most sacrificial love and cares for us and will never let us down.

There Is A Cure


Message:  Do you find yourself in places where your ability go deeper with God seems blocked? I know that there can be simple reasons. However, today I want you to consider a much-overlooked reason – something we don’t even realise – It’s when we are Double Minded

Ché Ahn, Apostle of HIM


Apostle Ché Ahn shares a dynamic message on the characteristics of historic revival: it starts with the church then the harvest comes in and then transformation happens The “What is eternal” question was answered…… To end off we learned about the 5 characteristics of a healthy community, listen in for the full message