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Daniela De Oliveira and Leanne Merchak

Title:  Embracing the Valley – Daniela De Oliveira Summary:  Embracing life’s valleys can propel your growth and shape the person that you are called to be.  Taking hold of the difficulties in the valley will make summiting life’s mountains easier and lead you into your destiny. Title:  Drafted, Dressed, Dispatched – Leanne Merchak Summary:  As […]

Gabi Le Roux and Trevor Berry

Message: Freely You Have Received, Freely Give! – Trevor Berry Summary:  Many believers want to help others but feel helpless because they don’t feel they have enough for themselves, never mind giving to others. But what if they discover that there are hidden treasures that could absolutely change people’s lives, that they’ve not tapped into because they […]

Dom Shaw and Patrick Li Wan Po

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Title: Characteristics of Jesus as a Transformational Leader – Dom Title: The Lord’s my Shepherd, Saviour and Lord – Patrick Stay close to the Shepherd. Goodness and mercy will pursue you all the days of your life

Philippe Yeung Wai and Trevor Berry

Title: The Cost of Redemption – Philippe Yeung Wai God love our worship when our hearts are being cleansed by the lamb of God, our Perfect substitution and sacrifice for atonement.  Title: What Is God Saying? – Trevor Berry Are you facing overwhelming odds? Does it feel as if you’re in an impossible situation, and you’re afraid, […]

Dale Preston and Yael Berry

Title: The Power of Praise by Dale Preston When we praise God with all our hearts and no matter what our circumstances are, His power is released and His presence fills the atmosphere.  The enemy flees and God can work on our behalf. Title:  Faith, Gifts and Calling by Yael Berry How is your faith? […]

Get Your Act Together


Many believers are like the US Navy SEAL team who were recently, unfortunately caught drinking and partying, and disgraced and sent home from Iraq because due to them sitting around too long, they’d forgotten that they’re on a mission. Do you realise that you’re on a mission? Have you used your talents to make a difference in […]

To Everything There Is A Season

Apostle David McDonald brought a “now word” about staying in the process, being committed to the cause and vision of the house so purpose becomes a reality especially as we don’t struggle with the restrictions of the season

Gill Kretzschmar and David Perry

Gill Kretzschmar:  Fighting the good fight of faith.  My healing journey from a cancer diagnosis. God’s peace removes all fear, Jesus is the calm in my storm. David Perry:  Turning yourself from an ordinary performer to an extraordinary achiever Five keys from the life of Jesus Meaning – Why did Jesus do what He did? – […]

Rui Vicent and Leanne Merchak

Title: Are we “Moved” or “Unmoved”? – Rui Vicent Summary: Obedience is the key to unlock the anointing and move of the Holy Spirit Title: The A,B,C’s of Life – Leanne Merck Summary: It’s time to get back to basics and learn your A, B, C’s: A.  Love God B. Love People C. Apply Grace to […]