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Powerful Testimony

Ella shares about God’s goodness and how faithful He is to all His promises.  Listen in and be blessed

Don’t Resist Rest


The pressure the world is experiencing today has to be similar to the tension that most people felt just before and during the 2nd world war.  Hopelessness, exhaustion, hatred and confusion are regular emotions that are being felt by people who would normally be relaxed and positive.  Find out in this message how you can find sense […]

The Power of the Fear of God!


If you’ve struggled with being misunderstood and wonder why many of your decisions backfire against you even though they look really great, it’s possible that you haven’t truly discovered God’s secret to success. Find out in this message how you can tap into God’s power in a new and exciting way.

Be Hungry!


Are you looking for true fulfilment? It is available because God’s plan for you is to be content and complete. Find out in this message what you can do to enjoy all God has for you.

Believe and Declare


Times we are living in we need to be praying, but many are unsure of what prayer is or how to pray.  Listen in and find out how simple and necessary prayer is so we can live with greater confidence that God hears and answers prayer……

Get Under the Spout..


….Where the Blessings Come Out! Summary:  Many people know that God loves them, but do they know what benefits they can get from knowing that? Find out in this message, one of the main ingredients needed to receive what God has for you.

Wipe The Slate Clean


If you want to succeed in business, relationships, ministry or any other sphere of life, you need to choose to have a good attitude and and stop looking backwards and believe that God’s great plan for you will come to pass.

Attitude of Gratitude


Thanksgiving is a powerful weapon for every believer.  The Word, faith and thanksgiving are closely linked, when the Word or promise we hear is mixed with faith, and reinforced with thanksgiving it will bring breakthrough.