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Look Up


Psalm 121 helps us understand that God keeps and preserves His people always, listen in as we study the whole of Psalm 121….

Victory Through the Living Jesus


For those of us struggling with challenges believe that there is hope.  We have victory through the living Jesus Recognise the source of opposition Be sure God’s promises cover what you are asking victory for Be sure that you are not living in sin Never doubt that God’s promises are true Sincerely desire what you have […]

I Have a Plan

God has a blueprint or recipe for your life and not every ingredient on its own is pleasant, but put together, it produces something beautiful and if you allow Him to take you through the process, your end result is greatness.

Signs and Wonders!


As knowledge is becoming so easily accessible, it seems that words alone can no longer  draw people into a relationship with God. Many are looking for power and they’re looking in all the wrong places. It’s time for the Church to rise up and contend for signs and wonders so that Jesus will be revealed […]

Easter Resurrection Sunday Service


Message: What’s It To You? It seems that there are more questions than answers, and anxiety and insecurity are at an all time high throughout the world, and for many, it seems like there’s no hope, but if you were to look in the right place, this is the time when you’ll find that God has […]

New Year’s Eve Service

2018 is a year of new beginnings and open doors and that means growth. In this message you’ll be challenged to think bigger than you have in the past in order to enjoy all God has in store for you.