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Preachathon – Leanne and Irma

Leanne Title: Run Your Race Summary: God has a good life planned for you.  He not only created you in His image, specifically designed and formed you to perfection, prearranged an amazingly good life for you and then equipped you to live it.  The only thing left for us is to choose to run the […]

Michael and Natascha

Title: “Jesus the Master Gardener” by Michael Gekis Sometimes we go through things in life we don’t understand, the LORD may be working in our lives, HIS pruning may not always feel pleasant but HE’S bringing out the best fruit in our lives if we allow HIM too! Title:  I don’t judge, do I? by […]


Dylan:                    Self-Righteousness We can choose to be justified by faith, or be condemned by our own self-righteousness Gabby:                   Encouragement  – The Key to Finishing Victoriously It is important that the body of Christ be united in love […]


Powerful messages from team: Examine your heart, where you have come from and where you are going – Helen Li Wan Po Testimony of God’s protection and healing power – Rui Vicent God’s creational, seasonal and miracle time – Debby Vicent Entering the Holy of Holies, God is our refuge ad strength – Patrick Li […]

Rui and Debby Vicent

Rui Vicent – finding peace in God’s rest In times of anxiety and doubt, which are all natural, it’s important we focus on God and His provision. His faithfulness will bring about a supernatural change Debby Vicent – forgiving your offender As believers we are called to walk as Christ walked. Looking at what Jesus […]