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Sharon Poyner and David Perry

Title: Love, serve and help like Jesus – Sharon Poyner Summary: Does serving mean the same as helping? Is helping the same as enabling? What does it mean to love and serve like Jesus. Title: Jonah, Nineveh and the Mercy of God – David Perry Summary: When God points you down a path He will […]

Gill Kretzschmar and David Perry

Gill Kretzschmar:  Fighting the good fight of faith.  My healing journey from a cancer diagnosis. God’s peace removes all fear, Jesus is the calm in my storm. David Perry:  Turning yourself from an ordinary performer to an extraordinary achiever Five keys from the life of Jesus Meaning – Why did Jesus do what He did? – […]

There Is A Cure


Message:  Do you find yourself in places where your ability go deeper with God seems blocked? I know that there can be simple reasons. However, today I want you to consider a much-overlooked reason – something we don’t even realise – It’s when we are Double Minded

Victory Through the Living Jesus

For those of us struggling with challenges believe that there is hope.  We have victory through the living Jesus Recognise the source of opposition Be sure God’s promises cover what you are asking victory for Be sure that you are not living in sin Never doubt that God’s promises are true Sincerely desire what you have […]

H2O’s My Father’s House Dedication Saturday 1st August 2015

As we dedicated “My Father’s House,” H2O’s new home in Fourways, in what was possibly one of the most enjoyable weekends we have experienced since the church’s inception in 2010, some of the Ministry Training Centre lecturers and students share powerfully what God has done for them since attending H2O, and tell us where they […]