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Vince Kretzschmar and Irma Simpson

Title:  You Got Water – Vince Kretzschmar Summary:  Consider your trials pure joy cause Jesus uses them for your good. Title:  God’s Doing a New Thing – Irma Simpson Summary:  We need to be like the sons of Issachar who understood signs of the times.  When God is doing a new thing we may not understand […]

Wealth Creation Breaking Chains 3

Debby – Practical Tips for Debt Cancellation Find out some practical tips to help you get out of debt. Irma – Social Transformation and Revival is God’s Kingdom Pattern A testimony of social transformation.  Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  (Matthew 6:10)

Preachathon – Leanne and Irma

Leanne Title: Run Your Race Summary: God has a good life planned for you.  He not only created you in His image, specifically designed and formed you to perfection, prearranged an amazingly good life for you and then equipped you to live it.  The only thing left for us is to choose to run the […]

Life Is Great Part 12 Irma


Message: Prophecy God has given us gifts to reveal His character and love for mankind, and they can be categorised into three different fields, the revelation gifts, the power gifts and the speaking gifts. Discover why God gave us Prophecy and how it can powerfully impact a life when given by the leading of the […]

Golden Nuggets to Help You Prosper by Irma Simpson


To honour means to respect, admire, treat with high regard. Without honour there is no enjoyment of God or the people that God has entrusted to us. My mom has laid her life down for her family. I love and honour her. How much more has Jesus done for us. I should honour Him in […]

Preachathon – Robyn & Irma

Robyn Simpson (Pruning, Stripping and Revealing): God uses these three processes in order to help mature us and pull us closer to Him. He removes things so that we can fully embrace the new season He is calling us into. Irma Simpson (To Be Intimate With You Jesus): Intimacy with Jesus is the key of […]