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Preachathon – Leanne and Irma

Leanne Title: Run Your Race Summary: God has a good life planned for you.  He not only created you in His image, specifically designed and formed you to perfection, prearranged an amazingly good life for you and then equipped you to live it.  The only thing left for us is to choose to run the […]

Attitude of Gratitude


Thanksgiving is a powerful weapon for every believer.  The Word, faith and thanksgiving are closely linked, when the Word or promise we hear is mixed with faith, and reinforced with thanksgiving it will bring breakthrough.

It’s Time to Rest


The rest of God is a promise that is for every one of us, but fear, unbelief and disobedience will keep us from entering that place. It is time to believe the word, believe the promises of God and learn to rest in Him.

Set Your Sights!


Message:  Having a vision is extremely important, but making sure that vision is clear is just as important, because we won’t move towards something that we can’t see.  Getting back to basics is one way that helps get and keep your vision clear.  Focus your faith on the promises of God and walk into your destiny.

Life is Great Part 9


Message: The Gifts of Healings God has given us gifts to reveal His character and love for mankind, and they can be categorised into three different fields, the revelation gifts, the power gifts and the speaking gifts. Discover in this message why God calls it the Gifts of Healings and not just the gift of […]

Life Is Great Part 7 Leanne Merchak


Message:  The Gift of Discerning of Spirits This gift is God’s way of opening our eyes to the unseen spiritual realm and revealing either, what He is doing or what the enemy is planning.  With this gift, God has given us a powerful weapon to partner with Him to see His will done on earth, […]

Who Am I? by Leanne Merchak


Many of us have at one time or another asked ourselves the question ‘Who Am I?’ Finding the correct answer to this question and believing it will set you up to walk in the blessings and authority God has ordained for you to walk in. So let’s embark on this journey of discovery and answer […]