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Philippe Yeung Wai and Trevor Berry

Title: The Cost of Redemption – Philippe Yeung Wai God love our worship when our hearts are being cleansed by the lamb of God, our Perfect substitution and sacrifice for atonement.  Title: What Is God Saying? – Trevor Berry Are you facing overwhelming odds? Does it feel as if you’re in an impossible situation, and you’re afraid, […]

Golden Nuggets to Help You Prosper by Philippe Yeung Wai


Do you have a heart like David? Are you neglecting God’s temple as those who says “the time has not come to build” and experience God’s rebuke (Haggai 1:4-9) or will you have a heart like David (2 Sam 7:2-4 , 11) and experience God’s promise: “Because you want to build me a house, I will […]