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Life Is Great Part 5


Message: The Revelation Gifts Part 1 Everyone wants to be loved but many times we don’t know how to show someone we love them. God knows exactly what we need and He’s arranged gifts for us that suit us perfectly and enhance our purpose. Find out more about the word of wisdom.

Life is Great Part 4


Message: The Person and His Presents Behind Your Purpose Have you ever wondered why you can pray for others and see results but when you pray for yourself, it seems God isn’t always listening? Find out in this message why and how that dilemma can be solved.

Life is Great Part 3


Message: The Person and Power Behind Your Purpose 2018 is going to be a great year! It’s the year of the open door and it’s  a year of new beginnings. It’s time for you to get out of the box and think BIG because God’s plan for you is bigger than you are right now. […]

Life is Great Part 2


Message: God’s Gifts Are Amazing! We believe God is going to do great things this year and He sent Someone to partner with you to make it an action packed year of adventure. In this message, find out more about the amazing Person that Jesus endorsed as His Successor when He ascended to Heaven and […]

Life Is Great In The Fast Lane


Did you know that God is the Creator of Space Time Science and Sci-Fi? Find out how God broke through from Heaven and used wormholes in space-time to reveal His will to His chosen people and find out how we can create wormholes to penetrate Heaven from earth.

Spend Time with the Master! [More Than You Can Dream-Part 4]


Prayer Is Powerful! Many feel that their prayers are reaching the ceiling and bouncing back, and often it’s because they haven’t learned how God enjoys being approached.  Make your connection with God the most fulfilling experience ever! Let Jesus help you discover the power of an effective relationship with God by following the protocol of […]