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Bite the Bullet! [Go and Play Part 2]


You were made for greatness and created to be a hero, but you will still have to face trials and opposition on your way to your destiny. In this message, you’ll discover a key to ensure that you succeed in completing your life mission and be the hero you were destined to become.

It’s True! [Expect Increase Part 3]


God wants to do something out of the ordinary. No, let’s take that back. He doesn’t just want to do it, He’s going to do it!! We’re going to see a new church flooding with possibilities and overflowing with life and love and fun! God’s people are in for serious blessing! The tsunami of God’s goodness is […]

Trust God!

Do you feel there’s more to life than this? What do you do when you’ve done all you know and it’s not enough? Who can you trust to help you become all you believe you should be? Find out in today’s message why and how you should trust God.

The Cry for Revival


God is releasing supernatural courage in the earth today.  Listen in and discover how you can receive courage and be part of the end time revival in the earth.

You Are God’s Vociferous Plan!

When God created you, He was making a bold statement. He revealed His greatness, His courage, His power, His love and all He is in you! You are amazing! You were born for such a time as this! Be all God made you to be! You don’t have to try doing it in your own […]