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Dear Younger Me Part 1

Don’t you ever wish that someone would have spent more time with you to help you make the right choices and tell you some of the pitfalls life has to offer, and how to overcome them? Discover truths in this message that will help you jump over the walls of adversity that life is throwing […]

Bite the Bullet! [Go and Play Part 2]


You were made for greatness and created to be a hero, but you will still have to face trials and opposition on your way to your destiny. In this message, you’ll discover a key to ensure that you succeed in completing your life mission and be the hero you were destined to become.

We’re on a Mission


Many believers are frustrated, confused, bored, discontent and really questioning how God can call this life an abundant life. If this is your life, then in this message, discover how you will not only find your way into a better life, but also learn how your life can make a quantum difference to others.

Expect the Best!


The rebirth of Israel is an absolute miracle, and along with it, the making of a nation that consisted largely of desert sand into a garden of Eden, is equally supernatural and a sign and a wonder that glorifies God. But despite it being a gift from God that no man can dispute, it hasn’t […]

Be Yourself!

Many people struggle with their identity because the pressures of the world and people around us force us into a box we shouldn’t fit in. Because of it, we never get to experience the freedom of being who God created us to be. Jesus came to change that. Find out how you can truly enjoy […]

He Chose You!

If you’re not sure how significant you really are, perhaps things haven’t gone according to plan and you are discouraged with your life right now. Take time to listen to this message and discover how God sees you. Just as He chose Joseph of old, He believes in you and He chose you!

Come To Me, I’ll Set You Free!

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With all that we are going through right now, many of us are having challenges that can seem insurmountable. But, with God all things are possible! Jesus invites His followers to come to Him, learn from Him and do it His way. As we discover the freedom in that, we find a way through every […]

Let Go of the Past!

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Many of us are facing mountains we’ve never had to experience before. If you can believe that God absolutely loves you and knew about your challenges all along, you’ll know He already has an answer for you, but it’s going to take you learning to know His voice, trusting Him and doing it His way, […]