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Be a Person of Honour!

People are looking for good breaks and more favour, and despite what the situation may look like, they are out there. But many don’t find it because their paradigm doesn’t allow them the vision they need to grab hold of the blessings. Find out how you can change the filter you’re looking through so that […]

Established New Beginnings


God is establishing His church and there is much God is going to do to usher in the new. We can look at the natural and even say oh what’s new, what’s different, what is there to get excited about, or we can go into this year looking for new, looking for opportunities to get […]

Let My People Go!

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For many, life seems dark and bleak and you may feel caged in and afraid, but God sent His Son to set you free from death, despair and darkness. The secret is to believe it and receive it. You can’t enjoy riches you don’t know you have. Find out what the Lord has done for […]