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Dear Younger Me Part 6

Message: Choose Your King! In this message, Jesus tells us how to live a life full of perfect peace by placing our treasure in the right place. If your treasure is constantly causing you worry and fear, it’s not in the right place. Where your treasure is, that’s where your heart will be.

Be Still and Know that I Am God!

Life can be overwhelming and our problems can cause us to shrink away in fear. Your life may feel like you’re on a nightmare train going from panic station to panic station, but God has a plan for you to win if you’ll do it His way. Find out how you can take steps to […]

Where Is Your Faith?

Have you ever felt like you’re in a storm and God is unaware of your situation?  It seems as if He’s sleeping while you have to deal with all of your problems? Find out how to build your faith when all seems unsure, so that you can reach your destination.

Loved to Love!

God loves you eternally and unconditionally, but despite that, there are conditions to enjoy living and abiding in His love. Discover how you can live in a perpetual state of confidence and fearlessness as you live in His love. Your destiny awaits you!

Let My People Go!

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For many, life seems dark and bleak and you may feel caged in and afraid, but God sent His Son to set you free from death, despair and darkness. The secret is to believe it and receive it. You can’t enjoy riches you don’t know you have. Find out what the Lord has done for […]