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Dear Younger Me Part 1

Don’t you ever wish that someone would have spent more time with you to help you make the right choices and tell you some of the pitfalls life has to offer, and how to overcome them? Discover truths in this message that will help you jump over the walls of adversity that life is throwing […]

Spend Time with the Master! [More Than You Can Dream-Part 4]


Prayer Is Powerful! Many feel that their prayers are reaching the ceiling and bouncing back, and often it’s because they haven’t learned how God enjoys being approached.  Make your connection with God the most fulfilling experience ever! Let Jesus help you discover the power of an effective relationship with God by following the protocol of […]

Make Your Mark! [Expect Increase Part 8]

Everyone of us was created to be great, and greatness does not necessarily make you famous, but it certainly will give you influence. It can be measured by the legacy we leave and by the mark we make in people’s lives while we inhabit the earth. In this message, we give you keys to reach your potential and […]

Choose Life!


In this day and age, most of us try hide from making choices and commitments, but that in itself is a choice. As we go into 2016, how our year will turn out is based on one major choice, to choose life! Choosing true and real life comes from choosing to cling to God. But […]