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It’s True! [Expect Increase Part 3]


God wants to do something out of the ordinary. No, let’s take that back. He doesn’t just want to do it, He’s going to do it!! We’re going to see a new church flooding with possibilities and overflowing with life and love and fun! God’s people are in for serious blessing! The tsunami of God’s goodness is […]

Be Yourself!

Many people struggle with their identity because the pressures of the world and people around us force us into a box we shouldn’t fit in. Because of it, we never get to experience the freedom of being who God created us to be. Jesus came to change that. Find out how you can truly enjoy […]

God’s Key to Winning Your World!

We have a treasure inside of us that money just can’t buy. We have life, and that more abundant, we have purpose and destiny and a Friend that will be with us no matter what. We have God’s promise of eternal life. With all of that, it really doesn’t make sense that there are people […]