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Gabi Le Roux and Trevor Berry

Message: Freely You Have Received, Freely Give! – Trevor Berry Summary:  Many believers want to help others but feel helpless because they don’t feel they have enough for themselves, never mind giving to others. But what if they discover that there are hidden treasures that could absolutely change people’s lives, that they’ve not tapped into because they […]

Living Purpose on Purpose Part 7


Message: Know Your Mission 1! One of the scariest experiences we could have is to be sent on a mission, but while we’re busy being transported to the mission, we realise we don’t know anything about what we’re supposed to be doing. We don’t know the rules, the target, what our place or responsibility is, and […]

Don’t Be A Cheese and Cracker Christian!


Many believers don’t realize what they actually have at their disposal and are living mediocre lives. Some are even worse off and wish they could just have a mediocre life, but God has paid for them to enjoy so much more. Listen to this modern day parable and the lessons that come out of it […]