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Attitude of Gratitude


Thanksgiving is a powerful weapon for every believer.  The Word, faith and thanksgiving are closely linked, when the Word or promise we hear is mixed with faith, and reinforced with thanksgiving it will bring breakthrough.

Dear Younger Me – Part 3

Message: How To Live in Favour In today’s message, you’ll learn one of the greatest principles to live by if you want a life of favour. This simple truth, if applied, has the power to help you live happily every day of your life and can enable you to always have God and man’s approval.

You Are Special [Go and Play Part 5b]


God wrote a beautiful story and it’s all about you! You are so much more than you believe! You are valuable and precious and extremely special to God and you were created for a purpose that only you can fulfil. But there is a key to unlocking your purpose and fulfilling your destiny. Find out […]

Adjust Your Attitude

Join us as we see how our lives resemble flying a passenger airplane. If our attitude gets affected by the wrong information, we’re in danger of losing altitude and on our way to disaster. Find out how to avert this by choosing to follow the right voice.