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You Are Special [Go and Play Part 5b]


God wrote a beautiful story and it’s all about you! You are so much more than you believe! You are valuable and precious and extremely special to God and you were created for a purpose that only you can fulfil. But there is a key to unlocking your purpose and fulfilling your destiny. Find out […]

Make Your Mark! [Expect Increase Part 8]

Everyone of us was created to be great, and greatness does not necessarily make you famous, but it certainly will give you influence. It can be measured by the legacy we leave and by the mark we make in people’s lives while we inhabit the earth. In this message, we give you keys to reach your potential and […]

Expect a Great Outcome!

It’s not easy being a believer nowadays. We struggle with our faith when things go wrong, and it can affect how we see God and what to expect in the future, but the Lord has given us keys to win and expect a great outcome.