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Don’t Underestimate the Power of Hope


Message: Don’t Underestimate the Power of Hope – Trevor Berry Summary:  Are you going through a hard time or even worse, have your circumstances gone from bad to worse? Don’t be discouraged. Find out in this message how you can rebuild hope, which is the power to dream despite your circumstances, and come through a victor, […]

It’s Time For Breakthrough!

God has an amazing plan for your life, but due to your circumstances, your faith has taken a knock. In this message, you’ll discover keys to breakthrough into the next level and continue on your journey of victory with Christ

It’s True! [Expect Increase Part 3]


God wants to do something out of the ordinary. No, let’s take that back. He doesn’t just want to do it, He’s going to do it!! We’re going to see a new church flooding with possibilities and overflowing with life and love and fun! God’s people are in for serious blessing! The tsunami of God’s goodness is […]

What if He Didn’t Come?

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I believe there is a TV series about an alternate world where the Nazis won the 2nd World War. In the same vein, what if Jesus was never born and we never had Christmas? If that were a fact, take some time to hear how that one change would radically affect your life.

Come To Me, I’ll Set You Free!

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With all that we are going through right now, many of us are having challenges that can seem insurmountable. But, with God all things are possible! Jesus invites His followers to come to Him, learn from Him and do it His way. As we discover the freedom in that, we find a way through every […]

Let Go of the Past!

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Many of us are facing mountains we’ve never had to experience before. If you can believe that God absolutely loves you and knew about your challenges all along, you’ll know He already has an answer for you, but it’s going to take you learning to know His voice, trusting Him and doing it His way, […]