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Living Purpose on Purpose Part 5


Message: You’re The Light of the World! Every believer should be a leader. As a light, you should be an example lighting up the way for others to find life and God. Are you shining your light? Are you working while it is day because the time may come in our lifetime when we’ll be prosecuted […]

Dear Younger Me – Part 3

Message: How To Live in Favour In today’s message, you’ll learn one of the greatest principles to live by if you want a life of favour. This simple truth, if applied, has the power to help you live happily every day of your life and can enable you to always have God and man’s approval.

Come To Me, I’ll Set You Free!

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With all that we are going through right now, many of us are having challenges that can seem insurmountable. But, with God all things are possible! Jesus invites His followers to come to Him, learn from Him and do it His way. As we discover the freedom in that, we find a way through every […]