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But….God! (Part 1)

Message: Expect a Miracle!   Are you overwhelmed by the circumstances surrounding you? Are you feeling like you’re not just out of your comfort zone, you’re more like you’re on the edge of a cliff with a gang of killers chasing you down? Find out in this message how you can turn the tables

Take Off Your Sandals – Pastor Munya


If you feel like you’re at the end of your tether or you just need more of what God has for you, listen to this wonderfully humorous and exceptionally anointed and powerful message which will build your faith and place you in line for a miracle.

Wait For The Lord [Where Are You Going? Part 2]


Have you felt like your relationship with God has become stale, and more like a boring chore than an absolute life enhancing privilege? Find out in this message one of the major reasons for this, and how your intimacy with God can be restored and you can effectively combat the enemy’s plan to derail your […]

Watch Your Words!


As we look at the lives the Hebrews on their way to the Promised Land, we can see how not to approach God, even if you are God’s chosen people, on the other hand, if you listen to Jesus, He will teach you how to approach God in a way that pleases Him and enables […]