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Dear Younger Me Part 7

Message: God Loves You and Has Called You For His Purpose!   Are you aware that God has a blueprint for your life? In this message, find out how you can align with God’s plan so that you can live to your full potential.

I Have a Plan

God has a blueprint or recipe for your life and not every ingredient on its own is pleasant, but put together, it produces something beautiful and if you allow Him to take you through the process, your end result is greatness.

Don’t Give Up! [Expect Increase Part 7]


Many of us are being faced with what seems like mountainous challenges in our lives. I’ve discovered that we may not be fighting a war against an enemy with physical weapons, but we’re definitely in a war, and it’s taking place in our minds. What are you struggling with? Your marriage or a relationship you’re in, or is […]

Expect a Great Outcome!

It’s not easy being a believer nowadays. We struggle with our faith when things go wrong, and it can affect how we see God and what to expect in the future, but the Lord has given us keys to win and expect a great outcome.