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Take Your Hands Off!

Is God taking too long to answer your prayers? Has He disappointed you? Would you do things a lot different to what He’s doing if you were Him?   There’s no doubt that God has great things for you, but there’s a right way and a wrong way to do things, and you may be going […]

Living Purpose on Purpose Part 3


Message: Make Sure You’re Going in the Right Direction!   Summary: Sometimes we do our best to make it on the path of life that we’ve chosen, only to discover that at the end of it all, we’ve chosen the wrong path. Find out in this message how you can choose to, and keep going in the right direction […]

Be a Person of Honour!

People are looking for good breaks and more favour, and despite what the situation may look like, they are out there. But many don’t find it because their paradigm doesn’t allow them the vision they need to grab hold of the blessings. Find out how you can change the filter you’re looking through so that […]

Repent and Be Baptized!

God loves you and doesn’t do anything for no reason! If He tells you to repent, He means you need to make a u-turn because He has better for you than what you have envisaged for yourself. Change your mind and follow through with a change of action. Being baptized is not optional for Jesus’ […]