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Don’t Resist Rest


The pressure the world is experiencing today has to be similar to the tension that most people felt just before and during the 2nd world war.  Hopelessness, exhaustion, hatred and confusion are regular emotions that are being felt by people who would normally be relaxed and positive.  Find out in this message how you can find sense […]

It’s Time to Rest


The rest of God is a promise that is for every one of us, but fear, unbelief and disobedience will keep us from entering that place. It is time to believe the word, believe the promises of God and learn to rest in Him.

The Wave Maker


Sometimes the waves that surround us are stirred up by Jesus in order to help push us into our next season. Transition is never easy but Jesus is in the waters with us!

Rui and Debby Vicent

Rui Vicent – finding peace in God’s rest In times of anxiety and doubt, which are all natural, it’s important we focus on God and His provision. His faithfulness will bring about a supernatural change Debby Vicent – forgiving your offender As believers we are called to walk as Christ walked. Looking at what Jesus […]

Take This Time To Pause and Rest!


When God made the covenant with Moses, He gave certain commandments so His people would rest and be reminded of His kindness and the fact that He is their Deliverer, Rewarder, Provider and Protector. God loves you and has made it possible for you to take time to rest in order to be renewed, strengthened […]