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Your Supernatural Weapons (4)


Mini Series: You’re in a War You Cannot Lose (4) Message: Your Supernatural Weapons Summary:  People may be struggling with fear because of all that is happening in the world right now, but God wants you to be free from fear. Find out in this message how you can live in hope despite the circumstances surrounding you.

The Winning Way


Have you been experiencing death and failure in parts of your life? Have you lost your passion and a vision for the future? Have you made a few wrong turns knowingly or unknowingly and you find yourself in a ditch of some sort? Don’t fear. God is alive and He can resurrect what is dead. […]

What if He Didn’t Come?

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I believe there is a TV series about an alternate world where the Nazis won the 2nd World War. In the same vein, what if Jesus was never born and we never had Christmas? If that were a fact, take some time to hear how that one change would radically affect your life.