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Don’t Be Afraid!


For many, life at present feels like a storm that’s going totally out of control. It could feel like God has left you out on a limb without any hope of help, but that’s not really the case. Listen and find out why you don’t have to be afraid.

I Have a Plan Part 2

Message: Nothing’s Gonna Stop You Now! Do you feel like you’re at the end of your rope? Discover in this message how to cope when you’re in a storm, and get to the other side even when you feel like God is nowhere to be found.

Elijah: Lessons in Taking Back Control


If you are facing a storm If you are feeling victimized by a spirit of fear, lust, despondency or depression If you are constantly bombarded with feelings of worthlessness or thoughts of giving up – then the enemy is trying to take control Recognize it and take back the territory the devil is laying claim […]

Where Is Your Faith?

Have you ever felt like you’re in a storm and God is unaware of your situation?  It seems as if He’s sleeping while you have to deal with all of your problems? Find out how to build your faith when all seems unsure, so that you can reach your destination.