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Living Purpose on Purpose Part 5


Message: You’re The Light of the World! Every believer should be a leader. As a light, you should be an example lighting up the way for others to find life and God. Are you shining your light? Are you working while it is day because the time may come in our lifetime when we’ll be prosecuted […]

Living Purpose on Purpose Part 3


Message: Keep the End in Mind But Focus on the Now!   Summary: Don’t let your vision die, but at the same time, don’t let your end goal blindfold you from focusing on what’s important today. Too many people wait until it’s almost too late before they do what they knew was necessary long before the due […]

Living Purpose on Purpose Part 2


Message: Make a Fresh Start!   Summary: Do you wish you could go back to live in the good old days? Has your life become stale? Do you wake up everyday wishing you’d done things differently? Are you always living in yesterday’s regrets? Do you constantly feel guilty? In this message, you’ll hear the good news that there’s […]