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Set Your Sights!


Message:  Having a vision is extremely important, but making sure that vision is clear is just as important, because we won’t move towards something that we can’t see.  Getting back to basics is one way that helps get and keep your vision clear.  Focus your faith on the promises of God and walk into your destiny.

Life Is Great Part 6


Message: The Word of Knowledge God has given us gifts to reveal His character and love for mankind, and they can be categorised into three different fields, the revelation gifts, the power gifts and the speaking gifts. You can find out more in this message about the relevance of the word of knowledge and hear […]

What if He Didn’t Come?

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I believe there is a TV series about an alternate world where the Nazis won the 2nd World War. In the same vein, what if Jesus was never born and we never had Christmas? If that were a fact, take some time to hear how that one change would radically affect your life.

Take This Time To Pause and Rest!


When God made the covenant with Moses, He gave certain commandments so His people would rest and be reminded of His kindness and the fact that He is their Deliverer, Rewarder, Provider and Protector. God loves you and has made it possible for you to take time to rest in order to be renewed, strengthened […]