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Elijah: Lessons in Taking Back Control


If you are facing a storm If you are feeling victimized by a spirit of fear, lust, despondency or depression If you are constantly bombarded with feelings of worthlessness or thoughts of giving up – then the enemy is trying to take control Recognize it and take back the territory the devil is laying claim […]

God Loves You!

What does it mean when someone says, “God loves you?” Is this for everyone? Has it got relevance to our lives today in the 21st Century? Are there any benefits to having God love us? If so, how do we make use of them? Find out in today’s message.

Be Yourself!

Many people struggle with their identity because the pressures of the world and people around us force us into a box we shouldn’t fit in. Because of it, we never get to experience the freedom of being who God created us to be. Jesus came to change that. Find out how you can truly enjoy […]