Debby Vicent and Yael Berry

Title: Stewarding Our Thoughts – Debby Vicent Summary: This will help us move from reason to revelation and witness the manifested blessings of God Title: Where Are We At – Yael Berry Summary:  As children of God we have a responsibility to move from immaturity to maturity.  Learn how it is possible and what happens […]

Irma Simpson and Leanne Merchak

Title : Do you really want to play the blame game? – Irma Simpson Summary : Key for breakthrough in 2020 is taking up your responsibility before God for the part you have to play to see His Kingdom established in your own life, in your church, in your city and your nation. Title : […]

Double for Your Trouble and It’s Time

Message:  Double for Your Trouble – Yael Berry Summary:  Greatness is our portion and God is wanting us to flow in our purpose by knowing His promises and receiving the call by serving.  We learn some wonderful truths with Elijah and Elisha walk together. Message:  It’s Time – Trevor Berry Summary:  It’s time to flow […]

3 Keys to a Great Life in 2020


Message: The Three Keys To A Great Life in 2020 – Trevor Berry Summary:  Did you know that you were born for greatness? In this message you’ll find the three most important keys to experiencing that greatness in 2020.

Catharine Booysen and Leanne Merchak

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Catharine Booysen: Testimony Leanne Merchak Title : It’s Time to Travel Light Summary : God never intended us to walk through life burdened and weighed down, He sent Jesus to destroy every yoke and remove every bondage.  Lay down the weights that have hindered you in 2019 and step into 2020 free to fulfil your […]