20/20 Vision


Summary:  What would be different in your life if Jesus actually came to church with you on Sunday? Find out in this message why you don’t have to wait until you get to Heaven to experience God’s blessings, and how you can enjoy the benefits of Jesus’ Presence today.

Prayer, Presence, Power


Summary:  Prayer is a facilitator of the Presence of God and in the Presence the Power comes.  We are called to pray and if ever there was a time for more prayer it is now…..

Sharon Poyner and David Perry

Title: Love, serve and help like Jesus – Sharon Poyner Summary: Does serving mean the same as helping? Is helping the same as enabling? What does it mean to love and serve like Jesus. Title: Jonah, Nineveh and the Mercy of God – David Perry Summary: When God points you down a path He will […]

Helen Li Wan Po and Trevor Berry

Title: The Bride Has Made Herself Ready – Helen Li Wan Po Summary: Let us prepare ourselves to meet with Our King Title: God’s Plans for You are Only Good! – Trevor Berry Summary:  Life has its ups and downs, but when you are convinced that God is good and His plans for you are only good, […]

Michael Gekis and Trevor Berry

Title: Secrets of Sonship – Michael Gekis Summary: Sonship is an integral part of our identity in Christ, that helps us find our purpose and meaning. It’s one of the keys to deeper intimacy with Father God and having more freedom in our lives. Title: Bring All the Tithes into The Storehouse! – Trevor Berry Summary: Many […]

Daniela De Oliveira and Leanne Merchak

Title:  Embracing the Valley – Daniela De Oliveira Summary:  Embracing life’s valleys can propel your growth and shape the person that you are called to be.  Taking hold of the difficulties in the valley will make summiting life’s mountains easier and lead you into your destiny. Title:  Drafted, Dressed, Dispatched – Leanne Merchak Summary:  As […]

Gabi Le Roux and Trevor Berry

Message: Freely You Have Received, Freely Give! – Trevor Berry Summary:  Many believers want to help others but feel helpless because they don’t feel they have enough for themselves, never mind giving to others. But what if they discover that there are hidden treasures that could absolutely change people’s lives, that they’ve not tapped into because they […]

Vince Kretzschmar and Irma Simpson

Title:  You Got Water – Vince Kretzschmar Summary:  Consider your trials pure joy cause Jesus uses them for your good. Title:  God’s Doing a New Thing – Irma Simpson Summary:  We need to be like the sons of Issachar who understood signs of the times.  When God is doing a new thing we may not understand […]